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Bath Expo Warranty

Bath Expo provides limited lifetime warranty on all of our products as long as you own your home. You can be assured that if any problem occurs we are here to help. See your sales consultant for full warranty details.

Cleaning Your Acrylic Tubs & Showers

For Best Results, Less is Best! Clean the bathing area with a soft cloth, sponge (safe for teflon surface) or soft brush and warm water. To soften mineral deposits, use a solution of vinegar and water. REMEMBER: Always thoroughly rinse your bath or shower system with warm water after cleaning.

Do Not Use:

Your new bath or shower for at least 24 hours after installation or use recommended cleaning products for at least one week after installation. Do not ever use abrasive cleansers, such as Soft Scrub, Comet Scratch Free, cleaning powder or scouring pads. To test for abrasive agents, rub a small amount between your fingers … if it is rough, it will scratch your acrylic system. Do not use any products with Ammonia-D or acetone (nail polish remover), any products using an aerosol propellant, products with harsh chemicals such as Lysol Disinfectant, Dow Disinfectant and Lestoil, crystal drain cleanser or any leave on cleansers. Most store bought, non-abrasive and non-aerosol bathroom cleansers are safe to use, such as Glass Plus, 409, Fantastik, Kaboom and Scrub Free.

Clean our products with:

  • Vinegar in water
  • Non-Ammonia Windex
  • Scrub Free Kaboom!
  • Glass Plus

Do not use:

  • Soft Scrub
  • Comet Scratch Free
  • Scouring Pads
  • Scouring Cleansers
  • Ammonia-D
  • Acetone
  • Aerosol Cleaner
  • Lysol Disinfectant
  • Dow Disinfectant
  • Crystal Drain Cleaners
  • Daily Leave-On Cleansers
$750 Off!
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Fabulous! I am very happy. The process was fairly painless, and it turned out even better than expected. We think the color should be called Cafe Au Lait, so beautiful. Those installers were very sweet and helpful – Mikey and Marvin were just wonderful. They stayed until 10:30 to finish. They are such hard workers, and I truly appreciate all their efforts. I usually worry about people in my house, and they made me feel very comfortable.

Nancy M. | TX