Why Choose a Walk-in Tub?


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Why Choose a Walk-in Tub?

Walk-in Tub You may have heard about your friends or neighbors having walk-in tubs installed recently, and that’s because they are growing in popularity by the day. If you’re looking to remodel the existing bathing space in your home, you may be asking yourself, should I get a walk-in tub, too? Well, the two main reasons that people have walk-in tubs installed is because they come with features that enhance both safety and luxury.


Walk-in tubs come with a number of safety features that allow you and your loved ones to age in place, including:

  • A low-entry threshold to reduce the risk of slipping while stepping over a high bathtub wall
  • A raised seat and grab bars to make lowering yourself into and lifting yourself out of the tub easier
  • Non-slip flooring to help you maintain your balance while in the tub
  • And much more


Walk-in tubs can also be equipped with a number of luxurious features to make bathing more enjoyable than ever, including:

  • Hydrotherapy jets that have been shown to ease tension, improve circulation, and alleviate stiff muscles and joints
  • Mini-jets that will continuously circulate hot water, allowing you to enjoy a long, relaxing soak
  • LED lights that are placed around the walk-in tub, so you can change the color of the water to positively influence your feelings, mood, and emotions

Work with Bath Expo to Have a Walk-in Tub Installed in Your Home

Since 2006, Bath Expo has been installing incredible walk-in tubs in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and throughout Central Texas that allow homeowners to age in place more safely while also enjoying an extremely relaxing bathing experience. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of a walk-in tub, contact the professionals at Bath Expo today.

How to Install a Walk-in Tub

Walk-in TubWalk-in tubs are a great upgrade for your bathroom because they combine luxury and safety for an incredible bathing experience. If you’ve been considering having one installed in your home, you might be thinking about completing the installation yourself. Although installing a walk-in tub can be tricky and is best left to professionals, here are the general steps to follow for a DIY installation:

  • Remove the existing tub – The first step in installing a walk-in tub is to remove the existing tub, as well as any accessories such as shower heads and drains from your current bathroom. You can do this by disconnecting any plumbing, removing any seals, and then carefully lifting the tub out of its place. Also remove the wall surrounds if you plan to replace them, too.
  • Install the drain and wiring – Now that your old tub has been removed, it’s time to put in the drain fitting and electrical connections. You should hire a licensed, insured electrician install the wiring to make sure that it is done properly.
  • Install the plumbing – Install all the plumbing your walk-in tub will require such as pipes, faucets, and valves. It’s probably best to hire a licensed, insured plumber to complete this part.
  • Set your walk-in tub into place – Set the walk-in tub into its final location and make sure that it is level. Then, bolt it to the floor and hook up all the drains and electrical connections. Make sure to seal any areas where water might seep in or out.
  • Install the wall surrounds – After your walk-in tub is installed, install the wall surrounds of your choice.

Turn to the Experts at Bath Expo for a Professional Walk-in Tub Installation

A walk-in tub installation can be intimidating and difficult for the average homeowner. If you want to speak to professionals about a project like this, turn to the experts at Bath Expo. We have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right.

To learn more about the walk-in tubs and installation services we offer to homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio area, as well as throughout Central Texas, contact Bath Expo today.

How to Replace a Tub with a Walk-in Shower

Walk-in Shower

Replacing an existing bathtub with a walk-in shower has become a popular upgrade for many homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio areas. This is mainly because homeowners appreciate walk-in showers for their convenience and beauty, and often no one in the home uses the bathtub anyway. If you’re considering taking on this task yourself, here are the general steps you will need to follow:

  • Remove the existing tub and wall surround – The first thing you’ll need to do is remove your existing tub, as well as any tile and backerboards so that your installation area is down to the original skeleton.
  • Upgrade plumbing – While your plumbing is exposed, have it inspected by a licensed, insured plumber and ask them to make any necessary upgrades. If your tub didn’t have a showerhead installed, you’ll need to ask your plumber to add one.
  • Replace the framing and subfloor — Inspect the wall studs and subfloor for mildew, mold, and rot and replace or repair as needed.
  • Install a vapor barrier and cement backerboard — Staple your vaper barrier (at least 4-mm thick) to the studs. The vapor barrier must cover the entire walls and floor of your shower area. Then install cement backerboard on the walls over the vapor barrier. Use concrete backerboard screws to secure the backerboard to the studs. Do not use drywall to build your shower walls.
  • Apply seam tape and a waterproof membrane — Apply cement backerboard seam tape to the places where the edges of the cement backerboard meet. Coat the tape with thinset mortar. After the thinset is dry, use a paintbrush or roller to apply two coats of waterproof membrane.
  • Choose and install your shower pan – You will have to choose what type of shower pan you want to use and then install it into the floor of the existing bathing space. For a walk-in shower, you’ll want a shower pan with the lowest lip possible to minimize tripping hazards.
  • Install the tile or other wall surround – Now you have to install the tile or wall surround to cover up the walls and to give your new walk-in shower the style that you want.

Let the Experts at Bath Expo Replace Your Tub with a Walk-in Shower

Since our founding in 2006, Bath Expo has helped countless homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Central Texas areas replace their tubs with walk-in showers. Our installation experts have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right, and we only use beautiful, high-quality products. If you’re ready to replace your old and outdated tub with the walk-in shower of your dreams, contact Bath Expo today.